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Friendly and professional, loving care for your four legged friend. Groom your Dog to perfection.


Our Services

We provide high quality grooming services in a hygienic, safe, modern salon. Providing the loving care your pet would receive at home.

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    Full Groom

    Includes styling of your choice, clipping and trimming, specialized bath tailored to your dog's skin and coat needs, 'tearless' Berry Facial designed to reduce tear stains massaged into your dogs muzzle and face, velocity/fluff dry, ear clean, and nail trim/grind. starts at $65.00


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    Puppy Groom

    Feet, Face and Fanny trim, nail clip, specialized bath, and ear cleaning.


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    Nail clip with then filed down to round the sharp edges, Trimming of hair in the feet and clipping around and on top of toes


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    Nail Trim/Grind

    Clip the nails short to the Kwick, by either Trimming or Grinding, depending on what your dog likes best.


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    Deshedding Bath

    The best way to keep your dog cool in the summer! Our specialized shampoo and conditioner removes the under coat, leaving your dog looking and feeling silky smooth!


Our Team

Meet our experienced team of groomers.









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Sitting Pretty Pet Spa
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Opening Hours

  • Mon9.00 AM - 3.00 PM
  • Tues9.00 AM - 3.00 PM
  • Wed9.00 AM - 3.00 PM
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Terms and Conditions

Please understand that when you forget or cancel an appointment without giving enough notice we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive our services. As our Groomer’s time is reserved specifically for your pet we cannot provide any exceptions to this policy and the following fee’s and terms apply –
o  There are no fees applied for cancellations or reschedules that have given 48 business hours or more notice.
o  Cancellations or Reschedules giving less than 48 business hours notice will result in a charge equal to 25% of the reserved service amount.
o  No Shows or Cancellations on the day of the appointment will be charged 50% of the reserved service amount, with the exceptions of confirmed Cancellations, due to extreme weather conditions, or emergency health issues.
o  Clients who have missed a previous appointment will be asked to pay in full when booking all future appointments. These payments are non-refundable in the instance of a no show. In the instance of a rescheduling of an appointment giving less than 48 hours notice the rescheduling fee will be deducted from the advance payment.
o  In order to book your next appointment cancellation and rescheduling fee’s must be paid in full.
o  Gift cards risk part or full forfeit as per the above policies if less than the appropriate cancellation notice is given.
To reschedule or cancel an appointment please call the salon at 204-389-5870. If you are cancelling your appointment outside normal working hours please leave a voicemail/text message providing your name, pets’ name, time and date of appointment. A member of staff will follow up with you by phone or text message during salon hours. 
Please make it your priority to arrive on time for all appointments as appointment times are not flexible. While we do our utmost to accommodate clients that arrive late, clients arriving more than 15 minutes late may miss their appointment time. We do appreciate clients may be late through no fault of their own, however we also have a duty to our other clients who keep to their appointment times.
o  We reserve the right to charge the full price of appointments that are missed due to client lateness.
o  Pre-payment for future services will be requested when a client has been late for 2 or more previous appointments.
This policy enables us to run an efficient salon and provide the required time needed to service all of our clients. We confirm appointments at the time of booking and 48 hours prior to your appointment date. However, if we are unable to reach you please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment date and time to avoid a late arrival, missed appointment, and the cancellation fee.
Pricing is based on breed, hair length, coat condition, temperament, age, and grooming history. Please be advised additional charges will apply if your dog is matted, requires extra bathing in addition to our standard bathing process, has fleas, or has not been groomed within the recommended grooming schedule for their breed. All prices shown are guide prices only, we can give you an exact cost at your pre-appointment consultation. Puppy prices are only applicable to dogs under 6 months of age. Please call for breed specific prices. For some breeds an additional clip off or a hand-strip service may be required.
If your dog has not been vaccinated before or their previous vaccination is out of date please leave 14 days from the date of vaccination and the appointment date of their treatment. We regret that we are unable to groom puppies until 2 weeks after their 2nd vaccination.
If your pet is not feeling well (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, kennel cough), please do not bring him/her to the Spa for their own comfort and the safety of our other canine/feline clients. Please advise our staff of any change in your pet’s health or medical condition upon arrival so that we may update their file. We are unable to accept dogs/cats that are pregnant.
An approximate completion time will be given for your pets’ appointment when you drop them off, we will call or text you when they are ready to be picked up. Please be patient if we take a little longer than expected, as we will not rush your pet through their treatment. Pet parents arriving early to collect their pet(s) puts pressure on both the stylist and pet during what would otherwise be a stress free relaxing grooming experience for your them. We appreciate you waiting for our call or text.
Sitting Pretty Pet Spa will refuse the use of its facilities if there is evidence of behaviour that we may consider dangerous to other dogs or employees. If your dog does have an incident that Sitting Pretty Pet Spa deems unacceptable we reserves the right to stop the grooming process.
All prices quoted for our grooming services are a starting price; if your dog is excessively matted, additional charges will apply. If we find the condition of a dog’s coat to be severely matted and incapable of de-matting without causing undue stress and pain to the dog, the dog may be shaved down for reasons of health and well-being. A Matted Pet Release Form must be signed, and all owners will be advised of any additional charges prior to us undertaking any de-matting or shaving service. To avoid unnecessary stress on elderly dogs, we do not offer a de-matting service; instead we advise all elderly dogs with matted coats are to be shaved down for reasons of health and well-being.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the treatment received, please advise within 2 business days so we can do our best to rectify it. Pet parents’ satisfaction is important to us. We take great pride in our service and want our pet parents to as well.
We accept cash, e-transfer, and debit cards. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
All grooming services are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable.